Investments of billions for the future

In 2018, the Lufthansa Group transported around 142 million passengers, more than ever before. Also in terms of employee numbers, sales and profits, maximum values were achieved. Thus, responsibility for the environment and society grows accordingly. We accept this responsibility and are setting new focal points.

Climate protection: billions for maximum efficiency

Fuel-efficient aircraft are the biggest lever to reduce CO2 emissions. As to be seen at our latest orders: Early in March, we ordered 40 highly modern and fuel-efficient long-haul aircraft. Compared to similiar models with four engines, they consume 25 percent less kerosene. Summing up the consumption of one year, the savings add up to 500,000 tonnes.

According to list price, we invest about 12 billion US dollar. Overall, the Lufthansa Group actually has 221 aircraft on its order list at a total cost of 43 billion US dollar, which will be delivered until 2027. Two additional measures to protect the climate have been decided in March:

  • Expansion of CO2 compensation: In the future, the Lufthansa Group will compensate for the CO2 emissions of all employee official and business air travels at the Swiss myclimate climate protection foundation. As a result, climate protection projects are estimated to be supported with up to 1.5 million euros per year. Incidentally, CO2 compensation is generally on the rise: According to the decision of the UN aviation organisation ICAO, from 2021 airlines in 76 countries will compensate for their growth-related CO2 emissions – there is nothing comparable in any other industry.
  • Start for alternative drives: On the ground, we will convert all vehicles to electrically operated vehicles at our hubs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland until 2030. We are already among the pioneers for special vehicles. In 2016, for example, we put the world’s first electric aircraft tractor into service. In addition, we will use green electricity at our hubs wherever possible.

Supporting social engagement

The Lufthansa Group is committed to social issues through its help alliance non-profit aid organisation. help alliance was founded by Lufthansa employees 20 years ago and has helped thousands of young people in precarious situations in a variety of ways. As of 2019, the Lufthansa Group will foster even more its support for employees who engage in social projects carried out by help alliance. In addition, the company is increasing its annual donation volume by around 800,000 euros.

Responsibility for the environment and society is one of the Lufthansa Group´s strategic topics.



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Climate protection portal

The German Aviation Association (BDL) has published comprehensive figures and background information in the climate protection portal on the topic of climate protection in aviation. CORSIA is one of the main topics.

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Latest orders: 20 Airbus A350-900 and 20 Boeing 787-9

The aircraft are the most efficient and quietest in the long-haul segment.