Issue 1/2020


Single European Sky
Reboot for the climate 

Domestic traffic
Increasing Intermodality  

State airline rescues
Distortion of competition in the skies 

Security checks
There don’t have to be queues 

Air freight
Key sector on an efficiency drive 

Jobs and GDP engine for Germany 

What’s left at the end 

Topic overview

Environmental and climate protection

Single European Sky:
Reboot for the climate (1/2020)

Domestic traffic:
Increasing Intermodality (1/2020)

Alternative fuels:
With SAF from San Francisco (1/2020)

Home markets:
100 Per Cent Eco-Electricity (1/2020)

Additional offers starting on december 15 (4/2019)

Climate-friendly kerosene:
When will we take off into the future? (4/2019)

Europe’s Green Deal:
What matters for aviation (4/2019)

CO2 offsetting:
We are promoting climate-friendly travel (3/2019)

Effective climate protection:
In air traffic, this only works internationally (3/2019)

Flying sustainably:
Lufthansa assumes responsibility (3/2019)

Guest article:
Use noise-related fees reasonable (3/2019)

Climate protection:
Measures for greater efficiency are working (2/2019)

Social commitment:
Former us members of congress present award to Lufthansa (2/2019)

Co₂ savings of eu airlines (2/2019)

Focus on a low fuel consumption fleet (1/2019)

Investments of billions for the future (1/2019)

Key messages on climate policy
(May 2019)

Active sound insulation:
Optimising the existing fleet (5/2018)

CO2-neutral growth:
Aviation plays a pioneering role (5/2018)

Aircraft noise:
Building permits counteract noise reduction (4/2018)

Climate protection:
Lufthansa group invests a further 3 billion euro in its fleet (4/2018)

Climate protection ranking:
Lufthansa Group takes the top spot (1/2018)

Night rest:
Also Ryanair has to abide by the rules (1/2018)

Nighttime flight ban:
Action by the city of Mainz dismissed (3/2017)

Aircraft noise protection act:
No changes needed (2/2017)

Climate protection:
Reducing CO2 emissions with big data (2/2017)