Policy Brief

For decision-makers in politics, media and business

Issue 3/2019

Flying sustainably
Lufthansa assumes responsibility 

Effective climate protection
In air traffic, this only works internationally  

CO2 offsetting
We are promoting climate-friendly travel 

Corporate strategy
Focus on core business 

Guest article
Use noise-related fees reasonable 

Water for big plans 

Key messages on
climate policy

1. We take responsibility for the environment

2. Modern and efficient aircraft significantly reduce emissions

3. An internationally coordinated approach is the key to effective climate protection

4. National taxes have competition-distorting effects and can be counterproductive in terms of climate policy

5. Creating a market for alternative fuels

6. Short-haul flights are indispensable for an efficient system of hubs

7. Climate protection investments by the aviation industry require good overall conditions

8. “CO₂-neutral” flying is already possible today

Topic overview