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Aircraft sponsorship: “The Hessen” as ambassador of Hesse Day
Climate protection: Reducing CO2 emissions with big data
Internet above the clouds: Around 70 short and medium-haul aircraft already equipped
Aircraft Noise Protection Act: No changes needed

Aircraft sponsorship

“The Hessen” as ambassador of Hesse Day

Over 300 Lufthansa aircraft are named after German cities, states or international metropolises. The “Hessen” – a Boeing 747-8 given the name in 2014 – has additionally been bearing the Hesse Day logo on its fuselage since the end of May. As such, its flights to Sao Paolo, Tokyo and New York will double as advertizing for the major event, which runs from 9 to 18 June 2017 and is expected to receive over a million guests. Lufthansa’s involvement once again underlines its great identification with the region. This year, the company is seeking 1,500 new workers in Frankfurt.

Climate protection

Reducing CO2 emissions with big data

Lufthansa Cargo aircraft fly several thousand kilometers every day. And no two flights are the same. Traffic, sky routing and extreme weather events all influence fuel consumption and therefore CO2 emissions. Big data can help with this. Together with IT specialists Aviaso, Lufthansa and Lufthansa Cargo have developed the Ops Monitor and Efficiency Analyser (OMEGA), which enables systematic analysis of the fuel-consumption data collected during the flight, and an exact target-performance comparison of routes flown, resulting in optimised flight planning and execution. This in turn means greater efficiency and fewer CO2 emissions. Lufthansa Cargo’s target is an ambitious one: The company wants to achieve a 25 percent reduction in specific CO2 emissions compared to 2005 by 2020. And OMEGA is significantly contributing to this, and attracting attention in the process. In mid-May, for instance, the project was given the “German Award for Excellence” from renowned audit and certification company DQS CFS in the “Environmental Responsibility” category.

Internet above the clouds

Around 70 short and medium-haul aircraft already equipped

Unlimited surfing and streaming in the skies above Europe has now become a reality on many Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines flights. Internet will also be available on Eurowings flights within a few weeks. 19 Lufthansa aircraft from the Airbus A320 fleet, 31 from Austrian Airlines and 29 from Eurowings have so far been equipped with the necessary WiFi technology and satellite antennas. And more are constantly being added. Customers choose one of three service packages. At Lufthansa, these are FlyNet Message for three euros, FlyNet Surf for seven euros and FlyNet Stream for twelve euros per route.

Aircraft Noise Protection Act

No changes needed

The end of April saw Charité present an extensive assessment of noise impact research, in which scientists examined 328 publications. The result: There have been no fundamentally new findings in relation to the human health risks caused by aircraft noise since the last amendment to the Aircraft Noise Protection Act in 2007. The existing protection schemes and noise thresholds thus continue to apply.