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Strong growth in Munich: A380 enjoys a successful launch
Police trade union: Optimising control processes
Innovation chair: Lufthansa Group creates knowledge

Strong growth in Munich

A380 enjoys a successful launch

Since the end of March, five Lufthansa Airbus A380 have been taking off from Munich. Every day they fly to Los Angeles, Beijing and Hong Kong. The A380 fleet is an important part of the clear course of growth at MUC: in May, Lufthansa increased its offerings by 11 percent compared with the previous year – in Frankfurt the comparable figure was just 1.8 percent.

The increase is the result of excellent framework conditions. Customers in Munich enjoy outstanding airport quality, which is constantly being further improved. The airport is very efficient, as is reflected in the deployment of the A380: the often complex changes to the processes and infrastructure were implemented in a highly professional manner.

Police trade union

Optimising control processes

The federal government is looking to make aviation security controls more customer-friendly and effi-cient. This is essential given that people often wait for hours at airport control points in Germany. The DPolG police trade union are also joining the discussion. They clearly criticise the current conditions and demand more efficient technology, for airport operators to carry out the planning and organisation of the controls, and cost coverage by the state.

Innovation chair

Lufthansa Group creates knowledge

How are new ideas and innovations developed in networks and communities? How can companies make better use of external sources of innovation and integrate them into their own processes? These are the research questions of Prof. Linus Dahlander. The Lufthansa Group has been financing his professorship at the European School of Management and Technology in Berlin and looks forward to more insights on how travelling will become more digital, more connected and smarter.



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Press release

The perfect start: Lufthansa A380 exceeds expectations in Munich

  • Lufthansa A380 in Munich with good performance and high capacity utilization even in its first month

  • The further stationing of the A340-600 with Lufthansa First Class increases the premium offer

  • Given the right underlying conditions, Lufthansa sees potential for further growth


Press release

Linus Dahlander appointed Lufthansa Group Chair in Innovation at ESMT Berlin