CO₂ offsetting

We are promoting climate-friendly travel

If you travel, you will inevitably create CO2 emissions. This is also the case for air travel. In order to balance out the effect that this has on the climate, the Lufthansa Group is offering new ways of actively supporting climate protection in addition to the options already available.

Lufthansa and SWISS have been working closely with the Swiss non-profit foundation myclimate since 2007. Passengers of both airlines can use a CO2 calculator to determine the quantity of emissions that their individual journey is causing. Offsetting through climate protection projects costs 20 euros per tonne of CO2. Customers from Austrian Airlines and Edelweiss Air – both a part of the Lufthansa Group – can already offset their CO2 emissions directly via a straightforward process when booking their flight. We are also in the process of making it easier for Lufthansa and SWISS customers to offset CO2 emissions via our online booking forms.

myclimate uses these voluntary payments to finance climate protection projects which comply with the strict Gold Standard. This quality standard, which was set up by WWF and other environmental organizations, is regularly monitored by third parties. The key criteria are as follows:

  • The climate protection projects must be in urgent need of financing, and would otherwise not be implemented.
  • Detailed evidence needs to be provided of the concrete effects in terms of climate protection.
  • As well as CO2-offsetting, the projects must also bring social advantages to the local populations, for example by creating jobs.


Clean bio gas from animal dung

The climate protection program has installed biogas facilities as a clean energy source in Indonesia. They work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in three ways: firstly, the methane is no longer escaping from the dung into the air. Secondly, this methane can be used as a fuel for cooking or for lighting, whereby wood no longer needs to be burned. Thirdly, the remaining manure can be used as fertilizer, replacing not only the use of chemical fertilizers themselves, but also the production and transport thereof.


Back to the green island with energy saving and solar cookers

In order to reduce CO2 and to counteract rapidly advancing deforestation on Madagascar, myclimate are funding the manufacture and distribution of climate-friendly solar cookers. Further elements of the project are the creation of awareness of environmental protection among schoolchildren and reforestation, with two trees planted for every cooker sold.


New paths to CO2-neutral aviation fuels

Alternative, sustainable fuels – so-called Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) – will be an important component in the future of flying. Yet their wide-scale use across the industry has yet to be achieved because of the high cost involved – this innovative fuel costs around four times the price of conventional kerosene. Through the offsetting platform – which the Lufthansa Innovation Hub will be launching at the end of August – travelers can replace fossil aviation fuel with SAF one-to-one. The platform calculates the kerosene requirement for the route in question, as well as the corresponding increase in price for the use of SAF. The alternative fuel purchased through this offsetting process will be put to use on Lufthansa flights within a period of six months.



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Fly CO2-neutral with every airline

  • Travellers can use the new platform to replace the fossil fuel of their flights with Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)
  • Airline passengers can reduce up to 80 per cent of their CO2 emissions
  • ”Compensaid“ provides a transparent overview of a person’s travel history and associated CO2 emissions across all airlines

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