Transfer passengers

indespensable for germany´s worldwide connections

Lufthansa hubs offer travellers from all over Europe and beyond optimal connections worldwide.

Lufthansa currently flies to 30 cities in North and South America and 21 cities in the Far East. No other airline offers a comparable service from Germany. The flights start from Frankfurt and Munich. The reason for this is that Lufthansa – like Air France, British Airways, Emirates or Qatar Airways – bundles passengers for long-haul flights at its hubs.

This gives the airlines the necessary occupancy rates to economically deploy large-capacity aircraft such as the Airbus A380 or the Boeing 747 on long-haul routes. The advantage for travellers: with just one changeover, they can reach destinations all over the world, often several times a day, even if they are starting far away from the major hubs. The flight plans are specially tailored to this target group.

Germany´s decentralised structure requires more transfer passengers.

Due to its federal system, Germany – in contrast to France or Great Britain – has always been strongly decentralised. This also has an impact on the structure of air traffic: while Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris can be reached within 90 minutes by around 14 million people and London Heathrow by as many as 20 million, the number is significantly lower for Frankfurt and Munich. This means that transfer passengers are all the more important for the German hubs, so that they can offer an attractive and economical range of flights to destinations all over the world.