Short-haul flights

Indispensable for Germany’s aviation

In terms of passenger kilometers, domestic flights account for around 5 percent of German air traffic. Why is that still significant?

Firstly, business travelers often prefer air links. Secondly, these connections play an important role as feeder flights. Airlines bundle passengers at hubs in order to transport them from there to anywhere in the world.

If, for example, you wish to fly from Germany to Hong Kong and only have to change once, then you can choose between 17 airlines. Price and traveling comfort are essential decision criteria. This applies in particular – so long as you do not live in the catchment area of Frankfurt or Munich – to the first stretch to the hub. The Lufthansa Group thus depends on domestic hub connections to survive the tough competitive environment. To get the level of comfort just right, the Lufthansa Group relies on the railway and provides special express rail offers.