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New standard livery: Yes to europe!
Social commitment:
Former us members of congress present award to lufthansa
CO₂ savings of eu airlines
Digital assistant:
World premiere of messenger app
25th sustainability report:
Balance online from 6 june

New standard livery

Yes to europe!

The Lufthansa Group is committed to the idea of Europe. Since 24 April 2019, a Lufthansa Airbus A320 has been flying the special “SayYesToEurope” livery. In addition, all Lufthansa Group aircraft will display the German flag. Even more important than this symbolism is the fact that with around 3,500 intra-European flights per day, we are fostering the exchange of citizens – and flying to almost every country in Europe.

Social commitment

Former us members of congress present award to lufthansa

At the end of March, the Association of Former Members of the Congress (FMC) presented the Statesmanship Award 2019 for special social commitment to the Lufthansa Group. The company’s relief efforts in Puerto Rico were particularly appreciated. After Hurricane Maria destroyed the power supply and other utilities in fall 2017, particularly in the Aguadilla region, Lufthansa sent over a freighter with 80 tons of relief supplies for the people of the region. The Lufthansa Group is the first aviation company ever to receive the award.

Hallie Jackson, chief correspondent of NBC news in the White House, and Carsten Spohr, CEO of Deutsche Lufthansa


Co₂ savings of eu airlines

In early March, the renowned research institute SEO Amsterdam Economics published a study on the CO₂ emissions of EU airlines. The core result? Thanks to technical and operational measures, airlines have been able to save about 20 million tons of carbon dioxide since 2014. This corresponds to 1.6 million flights within the EU.

Digital assistant

World premiere of messenger app

Passengers often have similar questions: Is my flight on time? At which gate is my plane going to take off? And how heavy is my hand luggage allowed to be? So as to be able to answer these and many other questions quickly, passengers from Lufthansa, SWISS and Austrian Airlines can now also receive support from a digital assistant. The chatbots can even change booking reservations – a world premiere.

25th sustainability report

Balance onlinefrom 6 june

What has the Lufthansa Group achieved in the last quarter of a century in the fields of economics, social affairs and the environment? The answers will be provided by the upcoming sustainability report Balance, which will be published for the 25th time shortly – and for the first time exclusively digitally.